Illness Management

Illness Management for Local Patients in Belsize Park & North London


Long-term illness

Our specialised team has a real heart for individuals with a variety of long-term illnesses. Scientific evidence shows that physical therapy can make a huge difference in aiding in the management and prevention of many illnesses and our team has a wide range of experience with Diabetes, Cardiac Heart Conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and other difficult neurological conditions and Cancer. We have had clients visit us from Belsize Park, Primrose Hill and further afield in Hampstead.

Diabetes, CHD

Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease are highly prevalent in the UK. Both these conditions can be well managed and often significantly improved through correct exercise and nutritional programming. Where our highly skilled team differentiates itself from any other, is that we not only look at each case uniquely to devise the best program and advice for the specifics we find in the assessment, but we work closely with your medical professional who is overseeing the management of your condition. We strongly believe that all the medical team should be approaching your case in collaboration to bring about the best results for you. Our team not only has excellent collaborations with many specialists in the field, but strive to meet and work closely with many more leaders in the field.

Parkinson’s, MS, neurological conditions

The symptoms of conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions, can be debilitating for sufferers. Our team will design a specialised program for each individual, which can have a marked impact on lifting the curve of the progression of these diseases. We will look at each case uniquely and work not only on the specific strength, balance and mobility needs to enable the client to live as normally and independently as possible for as long as possible, but will empower each client with tools to help them self-manage their symptoms at home. Nutrition can also play a role in the management of this disease, and Ergotec has unique associations and referral schemes with other world-class specialists, such as The Centre for Health and Human Performance in Harley Street and Pure Sports Medicine Group located across London to assist in meeting these clients needs.


Cancer is prevalent in our society with MacMillan estimating that 1.6 million of the 2 million cancer sufferers in the UK are not physically active at the recommended level. Research shows that being physically active can significantly reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, with evidence showing that breast cancer recurrence can be reduced by 30% with the recommended weekly physical activity. There are a wide variety of treatments for cancer that have a profound effect on the body, and physical well-being.