Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Belize Park and Surrounding areas


Our practitioners excel at being able to tackle a wide range of client needs. What makes us different from any other facility is that our team (all of whom have physiotherapy or sports therapy qualifications) not only have years of education and experience in biomechanics and physical therapy, but they have a real heart for seeing clients reach not only good health, but fulfillment in their lives. We differentiate ourselves from other facilities by having a really tight knit team who inter- refer and pool knowledge to ensure the client receives the best possible programming and advice.

Each client begins with a full biomechanical assessment which includes all the relevant physiological parameters necessary for your goals. This assessment is always done by one of our highly skilled Physiotherapists, who will pick up any postural and musculo-skeletal imbalances that affect your movement. Your bespoke program design first takes these findings into account to make sure imbalances are corrected, which in turn will result in safer and far more effective training. We take a very scientific approach to exercise with all sessions being heart rate controlled and/or monitored using various objective markers, to ensure your goals are reached in a safe and effective way.

Weight loss and pregnancy

Our highly experienced team specialise in a wide range of clients and conditions, including weight loss, ante-natal and post-natal training. Being a family run business, the partner team having 7 children between them, we find it a very special privilege to train women through pregnancy. Our team hold the highest qualifications and are well educated in pregnancy training. After appropriate assessments, a bespoke program is designed for you to specifically strengthen you as your body changes with the demands of pregnancy, taking into account your current level of conditioning. All sessions are heart rate controlled to ensure a safe level of training, and will get you as strong and flexible as possible to ensure the easiest possible delivery and recovery once the baby is born. After the birth, whether natural or C- section, our team, who specialize in core and hip stability training, will strengthen you from the basics back to being functionally strong to handle the demands of your ever growing baby.

Osteoporosis, arthritis

Degenerative conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and osteo- arthritis (to name a few) can be managed really well with correct movement and care. Ergotec take pride in their scientific approach to training and knowledge of these conditions and have well established medical links. We will always look at the safest, most effective way to bring about your specific goals, while managing your condition.

Lower back pain

Research shows that about 40% of people worldwide will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. Ergotec is one of the leading back rehabilitation clinics in London, with our team not only holding the highest qualifications, but having a real understanding of the mechanics of the back, core and hip stability. Clients will be taught to understand how and why they are learning to activate their specific stability muscles, as well as correct pattern of muscle firing, to ensure that the back does not take any more load than it’s meant to take in functional movement. Whether you have non- specific mild back pain or a prolapsed disc, the same mechanical principles will apply. Our team will guide you from these basic principles into functional training, to not only cure your back pain, but make you stronger than you have ever been.

Our friendly and professional team will train you in our bright and spacious private facility and will meet all your training needs. Ergotec has collaborations with various other facilities (parliament hill lido, tennis clubs etc.) to ensure that whatever your focus and goals are, we can fully prepare you. We already have people visit us from Belsize Park, Primrose Hill, Hampstead and further afield in North London.