Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Treatment North London


Biomechanical and Gait Analysis

Our physiotherapy team excels at diagnosing and treating a vast range of sports injuries. We differ ourselves from other facilities by looking not only at the injury, but using biomechanical and gait analysis assessments to understand the movement pattern of the whole body, to ensure that not only the injury, but the cause of injury is addressed. Our physio and physical therapy team will then re-train muscle patterning, making you stronger than ever before in your area of weakness, which will ultimately improve your overall performance.

Running Analysis

Ergotec’s specialist team excel at running analysis, footwear advice and correct biomechanical training. Our team have the highest qualifications and are up to date with the most recent research on correct foot strike and natural running style. They will film you running and look at your style frame by frame, to pick up exactly what needs work to not only perfect your style, but to educate you in how to prevent injury and maximise performance.

Sports Specific Functional Training

Ergotec has a team of highly skilled practitioners most of whom have competed at elite level in their respective disciplines. It is with this expertise, which comes from a combination of personal experience, exercise science knowledge, and years of experience working with clients, that we can differentiate ourselves in being able to confidently train individuals in their specific sport to enhance their athletic performance. Golf enthusiasts for example, will not only have their swing technique assessed, but each muscle involved will be strengthened and mobilised to ensure the most functional and effective swing possible. Training regimes for athletic performance enhancement include muscle patterning and strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, agility, sleep, recovery/regeneration techniques and strategies, nutrition, rehabilitation and pre-habilitation.

Sports Massage

Sports massage at Ergotec is so popular not only because all our practitioners have the highest sports massage qualification, but because with their degree-based exercise science knowledge, they provide an exceptionally functional massage service. The sessions will promote freedom of movement in restricted areas of the body, and you will always leave with a little extra knowledge and tools on how to keep your body flexible and strong.

If you live in Primrose Hill, Belsize Park, Hampstead or any of the surrounding North London areas, be sure to visit Ergotec Health Studios for a Sports Massage.


Physiotherapy at Ergotec is headed up by band 7 Masters Physiotherapists who work very closely with each other, and the extended physical therapy team, to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care for their situation. Following comprehensive assessment, patients are treated using soft tissue mobilisation, massage and joint mobilisation techniques to mention a few. Our team will not only treat the injury but will progress the treatment into functional re- patterning and progressive loading of the whole body to ensure the same injury is prevented from recurring. Recent scientific research shows that a progressive eccentric hamstring loading program has decreased the recurrence of hamstring injuries in elite footballers by 70%. Our team is always up to date on this type of research and will incorporate it into treatment where appropriate.

Functional Movement Screen

Not suitable for someone with an acute or significant ongoing injury but is a useful preemptive measure for injury prevention

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a set of seven physical tests of coordination, strength and flexibility using movement patterns key to day to day life. This has helped identify movement limitations in athletic and non-athletic populations across the globe and is suitable for any level of fitness. By evaluating your movement, we are then able to create a customized training programme with the intention of correcting imbalances enabling you to achieve a higher level of performance, fitness whilst helping to protect yourself against injury. You will receive a baseline score upon completion of the test, along with a comprehensive report and corrective programme. We would then plan to re-test you in 8-12 weeks to assess your progress and make any further changes to your training.