Illness Management Primrose Hill

Compassionate Treatment from Ergotec Health Studios

If you are looking for someone or somewhere that offers illness management in Primrose Hill, Ergotec Health Studios is the place to go. We have a team of compassionate individuals who have the ability to help with a range of long term illnesses, and in our time of operation, we have already assisted a number of people from Primrose Hill who came to Ergotec looking for effective illness management, something we were, and still are, able to provide.

Physical Therapy for Managing / Preventing Illnesses

Physical Therapy is scientifically proven to aid in the management and prevention of several tough illnesses, including Diabetes, Cardiac Heart Conditions, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and various other tough neurological conditions. Continue reading to find out how you or a loved one could benefit from illness management at Ergotec Health Studios.

Diabetes, CHD

Through appropriate exercise and nutritional programming, both Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease can be managed and significantly improved. Ergotec Health Studios have developed a skilled team with the ability to look at each individual uniquely and devise the best course of action moving forward. Not only do we offer advice for the specifics we find in the assessment, but we will work side-by-side with your medical professional who oversees the state of your condition. Ergotec’s Illness Management team currently collaborate with many healthcare specialists in this field, and we are constantly striving to work with many more.

Parkinson’s, MS, Neurological Conditions

Symptoms that come from having Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other Neurological Conditions can weaken those who suffer from them. With that being said, Ergotec Health Studios are able to devise unique plans for each individual, where we can tailor each plan based on the severity of the condition in question. Not only will we work to improve specific strength, balance and mobility needs, but we will provide each client with the knowledge they need to manage their conditions efficiently from home. As with Diabetes and CH, Nutrition can play a vital role in management of these diseases, where Ergotec work experienced specialists to ensure we meet our clients needs.


Cancer is extremely common in today’s day and age, with MacMillan Cancer Trust estimating that around 1.6 million of the 2 million cancer sufferers in the UK aren’t as physically active as they should be. It’s scientifically proven that carrying out the recommended level of exercise can have a massive impact in preventing the recurrence of cancer. Evidence shows that breast cancer recurrence can be reduced by approximately 30% if the right level of physical activity is carried out on a weekly basis. There are a number of treatments for cancer that can have a profound effect on the body and your physical well-being, and with that being said, Ergotec Health Studios is here to fight your corner.

Choose Ergotec Health Studios for Illness Management, Primrose Hill

Ergotec Health Studios are perfectly positioned to assist long-term illness sufferers in and around the Primrose Hill area. If you are looking for a place to receive Illness Management in, or close to, Primrose Hill, make sure you contact us today and we can book an appointment for you.